Sunday, October 07, 2007

Steer My Deer

Ok, mini poll comming up.

Let's say you're a friend or an aquaitance.

Let's say you've been forced to come here and respond. (I wont fool myself about self volition visitors. not yet.)

Let's say you've idly read around the blog some.

So, say to me... what do you want to see next? I mean, I'm about to try and revive this blog since carter and tshine for wathever reason in hell told me I should write more...

Well ok I will... my question is.. should I continue on pointless rants about society here?

Should I just show my odd self with my quotes, things I like and things I hate? should I go more to the programming side, show technical articles on stuff I'm doing or into? should I become both? a raging Dvorak frothing at the mouth about technology and trends?

Leave me your feedback your choices on the comments.

I am a very varied person, so wathever you may want I might be able to provide. Yeah even perverted and scary stuff though it's not what I enjoy sharing the most with unknown people whose shock I can't enjoy.

See you all. And leave comments.

1 comment:

Carter Parks said...

the last thing this world needs is another john c. dvorak.