Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Tell me when

WHEN!! WHEN!!!!!

Read this news item and then tell me:


I mean, we're even talking fucking Jimi Hendrix here! What a great irony, a man of the 70's, set for peace, love, understanding..... and suing the fuck out of everybody that liked his music? Go to the fucking hell already all of you american record industry.

I severely pray that you all crash down, that all this mindless shit returns to you threefold and eats you alive, to see you in the street beggin for mercy and a few coins.

But no, that happens to decent people who are too good to stab others in the back and to earn their money by fucking people repeatedly.

Fuck you hatemongers, pigs, leeches, useless shit, I hope you starve, I hope humanity excecrates you from our ranks, and lets you to rot under the sun.

Nothing, NOTHING can justify idiocies like this, nada, no ammount of RIAA propaganda will justify that a fucking bunch of assholes steal the music of a talented and giving man, rip it off it's meaning, twist it, and then use it as a weapon to pillage decent people from their livelihood.

I don't know what else to say. Go to hell, get out of my view, you're not human, you're not animals anymore, you're just reflections of pure evil incarnate into roting moving bodies. Fuck you.