Monday, January 23, 2006

Pull the plug.

Ok I've lost my head over many things, many times, but each time more and more I find myself loosing my head over corporations and policies in USA.

And I think it's time to pull the plug. I seriously think it would be possitive to start emigrating decent people from USA to the rest of the world, and let the country rot into nothingness.

Want to know what pissed me off so much now? you can even ignore for a while if you wish, what about you read the EFF reports some? people are not people in USA, they're shit, Corporations are good, corporations are god, soulless entities are good, and individuals are shit, to be stepped on, spitted on, used, repressed and then thrown in to a ditch to die.

Stuff like the push into all devices by law of a technology you can't see or have public acess to. It's beyound dvd and css, you could always say "then do not buy DVDs" and you'd be right. But then under the cry of "Piracy!!! piracy!!! LOOK stop staring at the kids dying of fucking hunger in the streets, stupid as a wall because there is no education, instead see that I SAY and thus it's the UNDENIABLE TRUTH that if we don't force at gunpoint every person to purchase lots of media shit from us and pay us each single time they watch it over and over addicted to the USELESS SHIT we produce then it'll be the ruin of all persons and the country!!! quick!!! all the population wants to steal all the money in the country! ban ALL technology but the one we produce!!"

it's pure shit.

What's the trouble for all the rest of the world with this? since I live away from madmerica? Well because A) Many countries hold madmerica's word to be law, and follow it with eyes closed, thowards the cliff.
B) Given madmerica's short history of prosperity and economical bounty they hold a sizeably big ammount of the technology being made in the world, and the rest of the technology makers usually follow suit to madmerica to be able to access the ample market.

Given this, it's what I say, we need to salvage every worthy mind we can from USA before it implodes into complete stupidity, so that the world doesn't looses all the technological potential it means when it comes down.

You know, I feel sad.
Once I used to enjoy Jhonen Vasquez very much for it looked to me to provide a caricaturized exageration of what I hated in the world so I could laugh at it.

I am not sure it's an exageration anymore, it's turning more and more scaringly real. What the hell is going on here? I mean, they're fucking directed thowards a "Brazil" (Gilliam's movie) society, eyes closed, mouth smiling, and screaming "I wunts my reality tv, fried chicken and freedom to shoot my neighborgh now!!"

Go ahead, sue yourselves into extintion.


Anonymous said...

Very insightful.

Sir Barton said...

That was really cool dude, really cool.

Remember, "In Tyler we trusted"

Anonymous said...

Count me in... I'm looking for a good opportunity to get out & my brother has already escaped (to the EU). :-)

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