Monday, April 25, 2005

It all began

In the sea.

I have several positions that might be hard to understand to some people who end up reading this blog, or hopefully, they will ring true to some, at least some.

One of these positions is that mysticness and science are rather than antagonist, a need for eachother, you can see it the plain banal way in the idea that science must be moral or at least fair and not cold and unfeeling, but I think it goes beyound.

Well among those mystic beliefs, I do beleive in elements, yes I agree it´s a human made concept, but the same way we make up ideas to categorize and understand this world, these ideas can have an influence on us, the same mechanisms that create the analogies and constructs, gives the constructs which do have a phisical manifestation the power to externalize emotions and the power to influence us emotionally and logically.

As such I am convinced my biggest two elements are fire and water, how I am convinced I will leave out of this discussion, and it's very propper that I am specially connected to two opposing elements, being myself a complex person who can swingle from one aspect to an opposing aspect during inclusive the course of a single day.

Anyhow, of the two elements I'd be hard pressed to choose, but if I had to, I'd possibly say my favorite one is water, I've often said that I'd be happy working in water all day long (be it sea, a lake, rivers, or similar.... no, being the lifeguard of the kiddy pool does not count.) and as such the realization I made tonight while watching Ep. 17 of Lost (great series, I really really really like it.. it could be more, but it's enough, and I like Loke a lot for I identify myself with him greatly), well the realization is that it all actually came from the sea, from the ocean.

Yes if theories are right, and I think they mostly are (we need to fine tune the details and discover a few secrets biology has managed to keep from us so far) all life on this planet originated on the sea, that means it all came from the sea... and yes I mean ALL even if rock did not originate in the sea properly (though some volcanic magma cools as rock under the sea) there is not a single centimeter in the surface on this planet that hasn't been shapper, altered or changed by a life form, not limited to us humans.

So how does this make me feel? well, for one my love for the sea has become deeper and stronger (if such a thing is possible), but it also sent me thinking, thinking that I need to share this with all of you (few) who read this blog ever, share it because it's obvious, too obvious... in our daily lives we tend to forget the obvious, to put it aside. We worry for the tasks and jobs we have over our shoulders, and we forget these universal truths that are behind everything, truths like "it all began, in the sea", and I think it's important to keep them conciously active in our minds, because they form a basis of ground or universe in which we stand and in which we place all the objects surrounding us to understand them and interact with them....

And if we're missing an important backing to our internal scenario, or a few important floorboards then our own scenario will be crooked, and the image we get of life and the universe will be twisted or unbalanced as well...

And I think that unbalance in our vision of this existence is the source of many of the current social, ambiental, emotional and political troubles.

Simply put, we need to remember our roots and our universal truths more often, to be able to form a healthier vision of the world, and to be able to interact and survive in a much more efficient and less harmfull way for us, the planet and all other living beings in it.

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